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Berlin's geography

The Art and Cultural Side of Germany


Berlin has three opera houses, all of which are in seriouse trouble. They are running at a terrible loss, as less and less people attend performances.
For political reasons, in 1984, the Houses were given massivee goverment funding, which boosted qualitee of shows, the money they recieved in return, and the amount of people returning to see shows. It was wonderful for the Opera.
But, in 1999, during a majoy performance, 15 essential actors called sick for the time. The problem was enphasized as it was the opening of a new show, and actors from all over Europe had to be called in.
Fellow performeres despised these new comers, as they recieved greater pay rolls, for a singly performance, and soon the entire company was on strike.
Terribly news for German Opera.
But none-the-less, Berlin's Opera houses are recovering, and are of quality riveling those in New York and London. Time will tell, whether this Art once again rises up in poppularity, or dies down and out of Berlin


Classical Music

Berlin harbours seven major sympony orcherstras, aswell as several private ones. Two major concert halls and very many smaller venues make Berlin, the undisputed Classical music capital of Europe.
The Berlin Philharmonic, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester, Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin and
Berliner Sinfonie-Orchester
have entertained and delighted those with an eye for music for many years, and as their poppularity continues to grow, many from neighbouring countries, in search of glory join their orchestras.
It is a great puzzle that while the Classical Music side of Berlin thrives and grows in poppularity, the related Opera continues to fall.
It just goes to show, what an amazing and differant place, Berlin realy is.


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