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The aye-aye is strange and bizarre. It doesn't quit look like a real animal!  It is a shame that they are killed due to their appearance, which is quite frightening. More and more people today are being accepted regardless of the colour of their skin, but the aye-aye continues to be killed and is now an endangered animal.

You may think of this critter as small, but it is the largest nocturnal primate in the world!There tails are usually 44-53 cm which is commonly larger than their bodies! The aye-aye weights about 2.5 Kg. This is true for both males and females. It also stands 30-37cm tall.

It has the head shape of a raccoon with the features of a rodent. The body of a monkey with the claws of a sloth. It's no surprise that the Aye-Aye was originally classified wrongly by biologists!

It's longest claw, the middle one allows the aye-aye to take grubs and insects from inside trees. It has opposable thumbs which is why it is such a great climber! The aye-aye is covered with fur that is black or dark brown. On it's neck are white guard hairs and its eyes are luminous and beady. They have oversized inscizor teeth, which unlike it's other teeth, continue to grow till the day they die.